ACCUR focuses its recruitment business on the Luxury Goods, Consumer Goods and Travel Retail Industries so that companies can benefit from a high level of human resources expertise in their business and organization. This enables us to better understand the specificity and challenges of your industry, as well as grow a very specific and focused network.

Cultural Fit

We have been directly witnessing the challenges European companies are facing when recruiting and managing talents in America or Asia. Being able to assess the cultural fit in candidates is a key success factor in a recruitment process. Our team comprised of European, American and Latin American recruiters gives us the ability to, not only understand the skills required for your jobs, but also identify the right candidates based on their ability to adapt to your management culture.

Our Network

Our industry expertise and our very advanced communication tools such as blogs, job search engines and social networks have allowed us to build not only an unsurpassed and highly qualified network of candidates and contacts, but also a very significant and constant flow of relevant incoming applications and recommendations.


Thanks to our expertise and network, we are able to serve our clients in a shorter time frame than any recruitment firm. In addition, we are offering a more relevant choice of candidates and a higher level of reliability based on systematic recommendations from our highly qualified network.


ACCUR is proud to be recognized on the market for its integrity and its professionalism in communicating and working both with clients and candidates.