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Hospitality Industry Recruitment & Executive Search

ACCUR Recruiting Services is a US-based boutique Executive Search with a strong experience in the Hospitality sector. Our expertise spans across the entire spectrum, from luxury and premium brands to value offerings, catering to both large corporations and smaller boutique hotels. We have a proven search process that has consistently delivered top-tier talent to our clients. Our team’s deep understanding of the hospitality industry, combined with our strategic approach, enables us to identify and attract the best talent in the field. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients’ unique needs and deliver bespoke solutions that drive their success. Our commitment to excellence and our extensive industry experience make us a trusted partner in executive search within the hospitality sector. Trust us to deliver the right talent for your organization, regardless of size or brand positioning.

Hospitality Industry Recruitment Market

The hospitality industry in the US is a dynamic and evolving sector, presenting unique opportunities and challenges in recruitment and executive recruitment. A significant trend is the increasing demand for skilled professionals with a blend of technical and soft skills. The industry is also seeing a shift towards digital recruitment strategies, leveraging social media and online platforms to attract and engage potential candidates. In executive recruitment, there is a growing emphasis on diversity and inclusion, with companies seeking leaders who can drive innovation and foster an inclusive culture. Additionally, the industry is grappling with talent retention issues, prompting a focus on employee engagement and career development opportunities. New trends include the use of AI in recruitment processes and a greater emphasis on employer branding to attract top talent. Despite the challenges, the hospitality industry continues to offer exciting career opportunities for those with the right skills and mindset.

Our Hospitality Industry Recruitment Services

Retained Executive Search

Our Hospitality Executive Search Services Offer A Bespoke Approach with Exhaustive Search and In-Depth Assessment

  • Completely customized to your needs
  • In-depth assessments by our team saves you time
  • Utilize a set of custom criteria to narrow your search to the right executive talent and candidate pool

Great choice if you want a completely customized option, and have high level strategic positions to fill.

Professional Search

Our Hospitality Headhunters and Recruitment Consultants Offer A Wide Selection Of Vetted Talents Selected Using Our Time-Tested Process

  • Combines custom criteria with our full database of qualified
  • Efficient, personalized and tailored to your needs
  • Allows you to conduct a search without advertising

A good choice for most executive search needs with a global network access.

Contingency Search*

Our Hospitality Industry Recruiters Offer A Cost-Effective Way to Reach a Qualified Top Talent Pool Quickly and Efficiently

(Only available to long term clients and for specific job openings)

  • Quickly reach out to our large and qualified global network of candidates and talents
  • Take a more active role in evaluating and vetting talents

* This option is only available for long term clients and for very specific opportunities.

Forbes Top 100 Executive Search Firm in 2018-2022

ACCUR Recruiting Services was just named a Top 100 Executive Search Firm and Top 100 Recruitment Firm in 2022 by Forbes Magazine for the 5th consecutive year! (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022)

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Recruiting for Private Equity’s Hospitality Portfolio Companies

With our 16 years of experience in the executive search services, we also built a strong expertise in recruiting C-suite executives for Private Equity Firms having portfolio companies in the Hospitality industry. We understand the specific level of expectations in terms of growth, exit strategies and financial reporting. Often positioned on fast growing and sometimes emerging brands, PE-backed companies and Hospitality brands require senior executives bringing best practices, usually coming from large and Fortune 500 companies, but often benefit from equity driven professionals with previous successful experience in entrepreneurial environments.

For Candidates In The Hospitality Industry

JOB SEEKERS CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: For candidates who are looking for their next career opportunities in Hospitality, they can use our Recruitment and Executive Search Firm as a great job search resource and one of the top employment agencies. ACCUR’s job openings are often confidential and not listed on any job boards.

We are committed to provide top career opportunities with some of the best employers on the market. If you wish to be considered for any of our Hospitality industry job opportunities, please submit your resume and search for our latest jobs. We are not your usual staffing agency. We connect you with some of the industry leaders for great permanent positions.

Hospitality Industry Jobs

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