Do’s and Don’t when looking for a job and tips for recruiters on how to find the right talent.

You are looking for a job but aren’t aware of the latest trends and requirements? Look no more, this section will give you all the tips you need to make the right impression. As you may know, there is a first barrier that happens when applying for a job: the resume and the message you will send along with it.

There are various guidelines that you should respect in order to ensure that you attract recruiters. How to approach recruiters or headhunters? How should your resume look and what should be in it?

Once you move forward with the interview, most recruiters will make their decisions within the first 30 seconds of their interview. In this section we give you tips on how to present yourself and put all the chances on your side to ensure a positive outcome.

You are a recruiter? We will give you various tips and recommendations on how to hire to right talent for your company whether you are located in California, NY or Latin American. Once you have the right talent, you will need to create a positive working environment in order to ensure that they don’t go to the competition. What tools, trainings or team-buildings should you implement to create a positive working environment? Read this section to be in the know on where to find the right talent, what questions to ask during interviews and what to do to retain them etc.