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Between our local recruitment partner and the direct experience of our team in that market, we are proud to be a top-tier recruitment and executive search firm dedicated to connecting exceptional talent with outstanding organizations in the dynamic and diverse Utah market. Our expertise spans a wide range of industries, including consumer goods, outdoor sports, sporting goods, hospitality, travel, ski resorts, technology, sales and business development, marketing and digital marketing, supply chain, and more. Our team of seasoned recruiters specializes in mid to senior-level management positions, utilizing a proven search process specifically tailored to address your individual human resources recruitment needs.

Our executive search firm has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies, private equity-backed businesses, family-owned enterprises, and trailblazing startups. This exposure to organizations of various sizes and developmental stages allows us to adeptly navigate the distinct recruitment challenges and opportunities each company faces. Our Salt Lake City recruiters are committed to delivering exceptional recruitment services, ensuring that your organization is matched with the ideal candidates to promote success and growth.

We invite you to discover the impact our Salt Lake City recruitment and executive search services can have on your company. With a deep understanding of the local market dynamics, including the unique needs of the consumer goods, outdoor sports, hospitality, travel, ski resorts, and technology sectors, and a vast network of skilled professionals, our team is prepared to help you build a robust, high-performing team that excels in today’s competitive business environment. Allow us to be your trusted partner in meeting your recruitment needs and unlocking your organization’s true potential.

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Our Salt Lake City Recruitment Services

Retained Executive Search

Our Executive Search Services Offer A Bespoke Approach with Exhaustive Search and In-Depth Assessment

  • Completely customized to your needs
  • In-depth assessments by our team saves you time
  • Utilize a set of custom criteria to narrow your search to the right executive talent and candidate pool

Great choice if you want a completely customized option, and have high level strategic positions to fill.

Professional Search

Our Headhunters and Recruitment Consultants Offer A Wide Selection Of Vetted Talents Selected Using Our Time-Tested Process

  • Combines custom criteria with our full database of qualified candidates
  • Efficient, personalized and tailored to your needs
  • Allows you to conduct a search without advertising

A good choice for most executive search needs with a global network access.

Contingency Search*

Our Industry Recruiters Offer A Cost-Effective Way to Reach a Qualified Top Talent Pool Quickly and Efficiently

(Only available to long term clients and for specific job openings)

  • Quickly reach out to our large and qualified global network of candidates and talents
  • Take a more active role in evaluating and vetting talents

* This option is only available for long term clients and for very specific opportunities.

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Forbes Top 100 Executive Search Firm in 2018-2024

ACCUR Recruiting Services was just named a Top 100 Executive Search Firm and Top 100 Recruitment Firm in 2022 by Forbes Magazine for the 5th consecutive year! (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2024)

Salt Lake City Recruiting At A Glance

Salt Lake City, the vibrant capital of Utah, has experienced consistent growth in its employment market, attracting a diverse range of businesses and industries. As a major hub for technology, outdoor sports, sporting goods, hospitality, travel, ski resorts, and consumer goods, the city offers a wide variety of job opportunities. The thriving economy is supported by a well-educated workforce, with over 35% of the population holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. Salt Lake City also benefits from a relatively young demographic, with a median age of around 32 years, providing a dynamic and energetic labor pool that contributes to the city’s continued expansion.

The demographics of Salt Lake City have evolved over the years, resulting in a more diverse and multicultural community. This shift not only enriches the city’s cultural fabric but also enhances its employment market by attracting businesses seeking a skilled and diverse workforce. The city’s robust infrastructure, affordable cost of living, and unmatched access to outdoor recreational activities continue to draw professionals from across the nation. With its flourishing economy, diverse talent pool, and attractive quality of life, Salt Lake City is poised to maintain its upward trajectory as a premier destination for businesses and job seekers alike.

The Key Playsyers in the area are:, Adobe, Black Diamond Equipment, Backcountry, Cotopaxi, Skullcandy, Petzl, Goal Zero, Traeger Grills

Salt Lake City, nestled in the heart of Utah, boasts a thriving and diverse economy driven by several key industries. One of the most prominent sectors in the area is the technology industry, which has earned the region the nickname “Silicon Slopes.” Tech companies ranging from startups to established enterprises have chosen Salt Lake City as their base of operations, capitalizing on the skilled workforce, advantageous tax climate, and strong infrastructure. The city is home to a variety of tech businesses, including software development, cybersecurity, fintech, and data centers, contributing to significant job growth in the sector.

Another important industry in Salt Lake City is outdoor sports and recreation, given its prime location near world-class ski resorts, hiking trails, and mountain biking destinations. The city’s natural beauty and recreational offerings have attracted numerous outdoor and sporting goods manufacturers and retailers, contributing to the local economy and solidifying Salt Lake City’s reputation as an outdoor sports mecca. Additionally, the hospitality and travel sectors are thriving, fueled by the city’s status as a tourist destination, which in turn supports numerous hotels, restaurants, and related services. Moreover, Salt Lake City’s consumer goods industry has experienced growth, with many businesses focusing on manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce. These diverse industries have created a well-rounded and robust economy for Salt Lake City, providing ample opportunities for job seekers and businesses alike.

Some of the local specialties we have experience in:
technology, outdoor sports, sporting goods, hospitality, travel, ski resorts, and consumer goods


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JOB SEEKERS CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: For candidates who are looking for their next career opportunities in Salt Lake City, they can use ACCUR Recruiting Services as a great job search resource and one of the top employment agencies. ACCUR’s job openings are often confidential and not listed on any job boards.

We are committed to provide top career opportunities with some of the best employers on the market. If you wish to be considered for any of our Salt Lake City based job opportunities, please submit your resume and search for our latest jobs. We are not your usual staffing agency. We connect you with some of the industry leaders for great permanent positions.

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