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CPG Recruiting & Executive Search​

ACCUR’s CPG Recruiters have developed a real expertise and a large network with all the Consumer Packaged Goods categories or Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) categories.

The CPG industry is usually comprised of packaged foodsbeveragespersonal & beauty care and consumer electronics. Our recruitment consultants have a successful track record sourcing top-talents and leaders to a wide array of Fortune 500 and mid-size international consumer goods companies.

Consumer Goods Industry Recruitment Market

In its largest definition, the Consumer Products markets includes, food & beverage, personal care, fashion, electronics and several other categories.

The total size of that market global is estimated around $700 Billion. Below is a list of some of top Consumer Goods companies globally:

Other Consumer Goods Categories We Recruit For

Our Consumer Goods Industry Recruitment Services

Retained Executive Search

Our Consumer Goods Executive Search Services Offer A Bespoke Approach with Exhaustive Search and In-Depth Assessment

  • Completely customized to your needs
  • In-depth assessments by our team saves you time
  • Utilize a set of custom criteria to narrow your search to the right executive talent and candidate pool

Great choice if you want a completely customized option, and have high level strategic positions to fill.

Professional Search

Our Consumer Goods Headhunters and Recruitment Consultants Offer A Wide Selection Of Vetted Talents Selected Using Our Time-Tested Process

  • Combines custom criteria with our full database of qualified
  • Efficient, personalized and tailored to your needs
  • Allows you to conduct a search without advertising

A good choice for most executive search needs with a global network access.

Contingency Search*

Our CPG / FMCG Industry Recruiters Offer A Cost-Effective Way to Reach a Qualified Top Talent Pool Quickly and Efficiently

(Only available to long term clients and for specific job openings)

  • Quickly reach out to our large and qualified global network of candidates and talents
  • Take a more active role in evaluating and vetting talents

* This option is only available for long term clients and for very specific opportunities.

Forbes Top 100 Executive Search Firm in 2018-2022

ACCUR Recruiting Services was just named a Top 100 Executive Search Firm and Top 100 Recruitment Firm in 2022 by Forbes Magazine for the 5th consecutive year! (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022)

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CPG / FMCG Industry Testimonials

Recruiting for Private Equity’s Consumer Goods Portfolio Companies

With our 16 years of experience in the executive search services, we also built a strong expertise in recruiting C-suite executives for Private Equity Firms having portfolio companies in the CPG / FMCG industry. We understand the specific level of expectations in terms of growth, exit strategies and financial reporting. Often positioned on fast growing and sometimes emerging brands, PE-backed companies and Consumer Goods brands require senior executives bringing best practices, usually coming from large and Fortune 500 companies, but often benefit from equity driven professionals with previous successful experience in entrepreneurial environments.

Offices With Local Consumer Goods Industry Recruitment Expertise

New York, NY, USA

As one of the key business capitals in the world, New York is also the home of a number of key headquarters in consumer packaged goods, whether they be in cosmetics, foods, clothing, sporting goods, electronics or any other consumer vertical. New York is home to conglomerates like Colgate Palmolive and PepsiCo, along with numerous startups and other established brands in the CPG space. Some of the best executive talent in account management, brand management, marketing and distribution for consumer packaged goods is recruited in the New York area.

Miami, FL, USA

As a gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, Miami is host to a number of CPG companies in a full range of categories from pets to luxury to sporting goods. Major companies like Kraft, Nokia, and Bacardi have set up large operations in the Miami area to take advantage of top executive talent in account management, planning, marketing, branding and other key components of the consumer packaged goods industry. Recruiting in the Miami area relies on a insider knowledge of the mobile and highly educated workforce here.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

A long-time stronghold for the consumer package goods sector, Los Angeles continues to have a need for top-tier executive talent in management, marketing, financial services, and strategy. Los Angeles has continued to be a welcome home for innovators in the CPG space, from food to beauty to entertainment. Large employers like Disney and Sonos capitalize on proximity to the entertainment industry, while CPG upstarts like Fenty help parent company LVMH cultivate new ties to younger consumers. Recruiting in LA is defined by being able to identify multitalented candidates in a thriving CPG market.

For Candidates In The Consumer Goods Industry

JOB SEEKERS CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: For candidates who are looking for their next career opportunities in Consumer Goods, they can use our Recruitment and Executive Search Firm as a great job search resource and one of the top employment agencies. ACCUR’s job openings are often confidential and not listed on any job boards.

We are committed to provide top career opportunities with some of the best employers on the market. If you wish to be considered for any of our CPG / FMCG industry job opportunities, please submit your resume and search for our latest jobs. We are not your usual staffing agency. We connect you with some of the industry leaders for great permanent positions.

Consumer Goods Industry Jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of companies are you recruiting for in the CPG industry?

The consumer goods industry covers many sides, between the brands, also called suppliers, the wholesalers or distributors and the retailers.

At ACCUR we focus a little more on the brand side and we usually recruit for or recruit from the following groups and companies: Foods (Campbell Soup, Dannon, General Mills, Hershey’s, Kellog, Mondelez, Nestle, Tyson Foods), Beverages (Anheuser-Busch InBev, Brown Forman, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Heineken, Molson Coors, Monster Energy, PepsiCo, Pernod Ricard, Red Bull), Personal & Beauty Care (Beiersdorf, Clorox, Colgate Palmolive, Estee Lauder, Henkel, Kimberly Clark, L’Oreal, P&G, Reckitt Beckiser, Unilever), Consumer Electronics (Apple, Dell, Hewlett packard, LG, Olympus, Microsoft, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba)

What kind of roles are you recruiting for in the Consumer Goods industry?

In CPG and FMCG we usually recruit more often for corporate positions on the brand side (vs the retail positions for mass retailers for example). Here are some of the typical roles we work on: CEO, CFO and other C-level, VP of Sales / Sales Director, VP of Marketing / Marketing Director, Regional Director / Area Director, Brand Director / Brand Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Key Account Manager, Marketing Manager Head of Retail / VP of Retail, Retail Operations Director, Regional Manager, District Manager, Store Director, Boutique Director, Store Manager.

What is retained executive search compared to professional recruitment?

Our retained executive search services is a specialized recruitment service that focuses on sourcing and placing high-level management and leadership positions, such as C-suite executives, SVPs and VPs within an organization. In this approach, the hiring company enters into an exclusive agreement with the recruitment firm and pays an upfront retainer fee.

The search process is more thorough and time-intensive, involving extensive research, in-depth candidate assessments, and personalized attention to the client’s needs. Professional recruitment, on the other hand, targets mid-level roles and individual contributor positions within an organization.

The process is typically faster and more streamlined, utilizing also a direct approach of passive candidates, the recruitment firm’s existing candidate network, job advertisements, and other sourcing techniques to find the right candidates. In this scenario, the fee structure is largely based on contingency, meaning most of the fee is due only when a successful placement is made.

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