General Manager (Instagram / TikTok Fashion brand)

Jobs Facts

Job Status: Closed
Job Title: General Manager (Instagram / TikTok Fashion brand)
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US
Industry: Fashion
Market: US
Channel: Social Media only (Instagram, TikTok…)
Reporting to: To Founder (creative director) and to the CFO
Reports: Team of 10-12
Salary Range (USD): $90k to $110k in annual base
Visa: No sponsorship possible
Job ID: JO-2101-851


Job Description

This is not a remote position. The GM will be expected to work from the Brooklyn office in person to manage the team.

Our Client

Our client is a 4 year old fast growing fashion brand marketing itself almost exclusively through Instagram & TikTok. The owner is the acting designer and creative director. The company is now headed into its 5th year of business with 12 full and part time team members. It is time to bring structure and efficiency to increase productivity and profitability.

Ideal Profile

We are looking for an Operations Manager who loves fashion and who has a good understanding of modern social media marketing and ecommerce. The role doesn’t include creative and the more strategic aspect of marketing, so even though the title is General Manager, the role can also be seen an Operations Manager.


The General Manager will lead and manage all departments to facilitate and execute initial design idea to full launch. Executing this in it in the shortest possible time frame, while always keeping the highest quality standards in the most effective and productive way, increasing profitability and sustainability. The Departments are as follows.
  • Development & Production
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing & PR
  • Social Media Management
  • E-commerce & Customer Service/Fulfillment
The General Manager will lead operations to free up the founder’s time so that she can design new styles and produce content for social and ecommerce. The General Manager will coordinate communication with the team and protect her time. Improve and create the work flow and systems that are currently in place. Review operations and the current roles and responsibilities with KPI’s for each position and make intelligent decisions that will improve efficiency. Creating project work flows, a launch calendar, and managing a current team of 10-12 people.

General Manager Roles & Responsibilities

  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the company ensuring that the team is creating and delivering an exceptional customer experience.
  • Manage the team and the operations, so that the founder can focus as much as possible on designing new styles and creating content
  • Creating an efficient communication workflow to keep owner aware and updated on day- to -day business activities. In addition to creating a calendar with an agenda for brief meetings.
  • Hire, terminate and proactively make business decisions that will make the company more sustainable and profitable.
  • Develop a system for each team member for performance reviews that includes feedback, warnings and ways to improve performance to meet KPIs.
  • Eliminate all tasks that are redundant, time consuming, and can be replaced with an effective technology or guide for each department for new training.
  • Nurture a team that feels strong and supported at all times, even through the most difficult days.
  • Communicate daily with team members so they understand their priorities, create real value for the company and feel appreciated and fairly treated.
  • Organize, host & track weekly team and one-on-one meetings with each team member to ensure that they are meeting KPI’s. Actively observing and checking each team member’s work on a daily basis. Not just discussing their work but reviewing it in real time and making improvements.
  • The creation of a game plan and timeline, with scope of work and those responsible for each task for every small or large project.
  • Communicate daily with owner and CFO in an efficient way to share critical improvements, financial matters that relate to budgeting and expenses and compliance.
  • Keep weekly review notes, uploaded to Justworks on each team member and schedule one on one reviews for every team member every quarter.
  • Instruct all team members to create their own How To Guides  & Where to Find Everything with links for every position. These guidelines must be reviewed and updated on a monthly basis to ensure preparation for any turn over.


  • A previous experience in fashion or luxury goods
  • A strong understanding of ecommerce
  • Previous experience in digital marketing through Instagram, TikTok and other social media platform.
  • A good understanding of influencer marketing
  • A strong and diplomatic leader who motivates the team to give their best on a daily basis
  • Energized, enthusiastic and always looking for ways to improve the team
  • A sharp, critical thinker who is also a smart communicator who is organized and efficient
  • A curious, forward looking futurist who embraces technology and is adaptable, loves change and willing to pivot when necessary
  • Ability to make intelligent decisions to solve challenging problems on their own
  • Positive solution based attitude towards all situations. A bright disposition.
  • Proactive, generating great ideas on a daily basis to improve and streamline our growth.
  • A big fan of the company’s vision, culture and aesthetic
  • Focused on diversity, inclusivity and sustainability
  • A direct and clear communicator with a sense of urgency and brevity
  • Strong time management skills who can conduct productive short meetings and communication with a clear workflow
  • Quick to learn the company’s standards with the ability to correct errors on the fly
  • Amazing social and emotional skills
  • Looking for long term career growth
  • Has their own authentic style with a great eye for luxury design and detail
  • Cultured, a global citizen with a worldwide universal view