Professional Search

Professional Search is our most popular service offering.

  • It allows us to employ the full power of our extensive database of qualified candidates combined with your custom search criteria. 
  • This efficient process can be conducted confidentially. We will source qualified candidates without your staff knowing that the job is listed. 

Is Professional Search right for you?


Our Professional Search option is an excellent choice for most executive search needs. We work with senior management in a range of industries to fill executive vacancies with this highly customizable recruitment option. 

✔ Perfect for most search needs
✔ Customizable
✔ Confidential searches

Our Process

⇨ Initial Recommendation
After speaking with you and analyzing your needs, we deliver a proposal customized to your company’s profile and the candidate being sought.

⇨ Passive Search
We employ a variety of proprietary steps to reach out to a qualified candidate pool through online methods 

⇨ Proactive Search
Employing both technology and an extensive real-world network, we find you candidates that are employed in the same industry but are not currently looking for a job 

⇨ Screening
We screen each candidate carefully before they are presented to you

⇨ Reporting
We provide regular updates on our progress against goals

⇨ Interview
We facilitate the introduction and interview process with your team, including a debrief

⇨ Offer
We provide reference check, advisory and negotiation to finalize an offer of employment

⇨ On Boarding
We prepare the candidate for a successful start 

⇨ Follow up
After the placement and throughout the process, we provide feedback and take your questions

Client Experiences

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