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Logistics & Transport Recruiting and Executive Search Services

As commerce becomes increasingly global, the logistics and transport industry has mobilized to make the production and distribution of goods more transparent, efficient and effective. Just like the construction industry, so too does this sector rely on management with cutting edge knowledge of technology, planning and security.

Logistics & Transport at a glance

Spending in the U.S. logistics and transportation industry totaled $1.4 trillion in 2016, according to U.S. government statistics. It is an industry that often entails public/private partnerships,  along with the ability to navigate complicated laws and regulation that span borders and even continents.

The logistics and transport industry is vast and contains subsectors such as:

  • Logistics: Behind the machinery and technology that actually moves goods are the logistics professionals that plan and manage those routes.
  • Air and Express delivery services (EDS): These firms arrange for the time-sensitive delivery of important documents and goods and are often a critical service for small and medium sized business who cannot afford their own delivery infrastructure.
  • Freight rail: Heavy goods like coal, metal, wheat, corn are often shipped via a 140,000 mile rail system that carried 5 million tons of goods per year.
  • Maritime: The management and labor involved in transporting goods by sea falls into this category, including cargo ships, terminals, seaports and the land-based workers who service them.
  • Trucking: medium and short-distance movement of cargo is often reliant on trucking fleets.

Major Industry Concerns for the Logistics & Transport

We find the following concerns rising to the top for our construction company clients:

  • Technology: Logistics & transport executives are well-versed in technological applications that can make their real-world operations more efficient, reliable and secure.
  • Regulation: The ability to navigate changing requirements across differing geographical environments is a top-level requirement in this industry.
  • Security: While overseeing thousands of travel miles that are the bedrock of logistics and transport, executives in this sector need a sophisticated understanding of the security required to safeguard fleets and operations all over the globe.

How We Serve the Logistics & Transport Industries

Our recruiters, including our partners at CFR, excel at identifying top talent in the logistics & transport industries. We follow an extensive 9-step process designed to identify top performers who are well-positioned to drive growth and efficiency in this business environment.