Job Facts

Job Status: CLOSED

Job Title: Certified Teacher – 2nd Grade (Long Term Substitute)

Location: Montclair, NJ 07043

Industry: Public Elementary Education

Reporting to: Northeast School Principal

Visa: No sponsorship possible. Must have a valid US work permit


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Keyword(s): Education,

Function(s): Training & Education,

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Job Description

*** Long Term Substitute: from ASAP to April 1st, 2023 ***

*** This posting is offered at no cost to the school district. ***

*** ACCUR Recruiting Services is not involved in any selection or interviewing. Please follow up directly with the Montclair Public School district ***

The Employer: Northeast Elementary School

The employer for the 2nd grade substitute Teacher job opportunity is the Montclair Public School district for their Northeast Elementary School.

Primary Function: Certified Elementary School Teacher

The teacher is responsible for the content instruction, supervision and evaluation of all students within his/her teaching assignment and will work within board policies and state laws to develop each child to his/her fullest potential so that he/she will be an informed, competent and responsible citizen capable of assuming a productive place in society.

Major Responsibilities

  • To develop and implement an instructional program within his/her classroom in a manner consistent with policies approved by the Montclair Board of Education and aligned to State mandates;
  • High degree of knowledge of content-related pedagogy relating to the assignment;
  • Plan and carry out classroom activities focusing attention on basic skills, key concepts and desirable attitudes and values which help the student develop important skills, increase personal competence and will stimulate him/her to be an ethical and sensitive human being;
  • Organize and maintain a pleasant and stimulating classroom environment for learning which provides for individual differences;
  • The ability to implement instruction and maintain an environment that recognizes and values diverse populations;
  • The ability to effectively contribute to and manage an individual program plan for students with special needs;
  • The ability to adapt curriculum to meet the varying rates, patterns and needs of all students, including students who extend learning beyond designated outcomes;
  • The ability to effectively utilize available technologies;
  • Confer with parents and students in a cooperative effort to understand the student and to encourage his/her progress;
  • Take adequate measures to insure the health, safety and welfare of students;
  • Continually appraise student progress using subjective and objective criteria for evaluation;
  • Take part in curriculum planning to improve the educational program of the school and school system, devoting particular attention to the improvement of learning opportunities in his/her assignment;
  • Develop a working relationship with all members of the faculty and other personnel assigned to the school;
  • Be willing to participate in activities that increase one’s professional competence;
  • Become acquainted with the resources of the community, keep informed of significant community affairs and maintain an awareness of the social, economic and cultural aspects of the community;
  • Keep informed about school policies and procedures and assist in their development or, revision when the need arises;
  • Keep prescribed records for such things as student attendance, evaluations, report cards, discipline records, and documents required by the School Board or Department of Education up to date, legible and accurate and make wise and discriminate use of such records;
  • Be punctual and maintain regular in attendance at school and at prescribed school meetings;
  • Join and support professional organizations to further their own development and that of the profession;
  • Report and interpret to the student and his/her parents on a regular basis the student’s academic progress and achievement;
  • Participate in decision making and sharing leadership functions within the framework of this job description
  • Assume other related responsibilities and duties within the context of the above major responsibilities and/or illustrations of key duties.


  • Must hold acceptable NJ Certification for the assignment,
  • Knowledge of assigned area content and content-related pedagogy;
  • The ability to create and maintain a climate of respect and fairness for all students;
  • Must possess strong communication, managerial and leadership skills,
  • Demonstrated knowledge of effective principles of teaching and learning,
  • Demonstrated ability to function effectively in a diverse school community,
  • Ability to effectively motivate and assess students academically and socially,
  • Ability to work as part of a highly functioning team;
  • Required criminal background check and proof of US citizenship or legal alien status;
  • Ability to work on site during the hours required;
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable;

Terms: 10 month, salary and benefits as per the MEA agreement.