CFR Singapore & Hong-Kong Executive Recruiters


With offices in Singapore, Hong-Kong and India, we have developed the contacts to help you succeed in Asia.

Businesses are about people and practices. Changing means adapting to better people and practices. Every change brings in a search for new people and newer possibilities.

CFR Singapore is a boutique executive search firm bringing unparalleled insights into Asian markets, with presence in Hong-Kong, Singapore and India. With decades of experience in the financial services, banking and IT industries, and a distinctive focus on the Asian market, CFR Singapore is uniquely positioned to identify and place the region’s most sought-after executives with your organization.

CFR Singapore tries to find a perfect fit between the individual goal and the organizational vision.

Unparalleled understanding of Asian markets, helps us in anticipating your needs and serve you better.

Unique understanding of Asian culture will help you find the right candidate for your international organization (reducing turnover and unnecessarily long hiring processes).

At CFR Singapore, we create harmonious solutions for everybody based on the specialized understanding of:

  • Clients Needs
  • Professionals Skill Set
  • Technical Domain
  • Talent Base available in the industry
  • Local Services
  • Executive Search & Selection
  • Contract Staffing


Singapore Executive Recruiter Nuway Jasmine Haria

Jasmine Haria

Managing Director

Hong-Kong Executive Recruiter Nuway Daven Haria

Deven Haria

Managing Director