ACCUR started initially assisting European Luxury Goods companies with their recruitment needs for Latin American local markets as well as Americas Travel Retail (Duty Free, Cruise-lines). From this very specific focus, ACCUR grew an expertise in Premium Consumer Goods and Luxury Goods industries for international markets and worldwide Travel Retail.

Originally headquartered in Miami, ACCUR has developed a very strong expertise in recruiting for Luxury Goods and Consumer Goods brands selling to Latin American Local Markets and the Travel Retail channel. Subsequently and thanks to its reputation, ACCUR started conducting searches for the US domestic market, which led to the opening of its New York office in 2009.


CPG & Luxury Goods


Travel Retail
(Duty Free, Cruise-lines, Borders, In-flight…)

  • Worldwide

Export & Local Markets
(Wholesale & Retail)

  • North America
  • Latin America & Caribbean
  • Asia-Pacific

Our French American culture, our reputation and our international network also made us a partner of choice for the recruitment needs of many French companies having operations throughout the Americas.