French Tech in NYC Executive Search

French Tech in NYC Executive Search Services

France is quickly becoming the tech capital of Europe, and with this new influx of companies tackling everything from financial services to social media, there is a real need to address the specific challenges of French companies coming to New York City and beyond in the United States. 

With a connection to France and Europe, as well as a deep expertise in placing European and American candidates in companies that have an international scale, ACCUR Recruiting Services will be an incredible asset as you build your executive team. 

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Our Recruitment Services

Retained Executive Search

A Bespoke Approach with Exhaustive Search and In-Depth Assessment
  • Completely customized to your needs
  • In-depth assessments by our team saves you time
  • Utilize a set of custom criteria to narrow your candidate pool

Professional Search

A Wide Selection of Vetted Candidates Selected Using Our Time-Tested Process
  • Combines custom criteria with our full database of qualified candidates
  • Efficient, personalized and tailored to your needs
  • Allows you to conduct a search without advertising

Contingency Search

A Cost-Effective Way to Reach a Qualified Talent Pool Quickly and Efficiently
  • Quickly reach out to our large and qualified network of candidates and followers
  • Take a more active role in evaluating and vetting candidates
  • Fill vacancies that are typically easy-to-fill and suit a more hands off approach


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The Special Challenges of Tech Recruiting

Tech startups usually start with a small team. A founder or founders raise a seed round of funding or self-fund or “bootstrap” their initial product or go-to-market strategy. The goal in those early months is to determine whether or not an idea has “legs” or can gain traction in the marketplace. With B-to-C companies, that means acquiring a certain number of users. With B-to-B or “enterprise” products, it can mean a certain number of users and/or contracts.

As these startups scale, they require a different approach to staffing. Where initially, employees may have worn many hats, growing startups require highly specialized expertise. In addition to a marketing director, these startups may require a “growth hacker” or chief revenue officer. The org chart grows more complex and so does the board and management structure.

ACCUR Recruiting is often involved at this stage of maturity, where hiring specialized executive talent can mean the difference between reaching a new level of business or running out of funding. We source executives in finance, marketing, operations, legal, and many other areas for this sector.

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Meet Our Team

Edouard Thoumyre - Executive Recruiter

Edouard Thoumyre

Managing Partner

Launched ACCUR Recruiting Services in 2006. Holds 2 Masters Degrees in Industrial Engineering and in Business. Available in New York, NY, USA and Miami, FL, USA.
Gabriela Casas - Senior Recruitment Consultant

Gabriela Casas

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Joined ACCUR Recruiting Services in 2010. Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Available in Miami, FL, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Alejandra Rodriguez - Senior Recruitment Consultant

Alejandra Rodriguez

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Joined ACCUR Recruiting Services in 2014. Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Available in Miami, FL, USA and in Bogotá, Colombia.

For Candidates

JOB SEEKERS CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: For candidates who are looking for their next tech opportunities, they can use ACCUR Recruiting Services as a great job search resource. ACCUR’s job openings are often confidential and not listed on any job boards. We are committed to provide top career opportunities with some of the best employers on the market. If you wish to be considered for any of job opportunities, please submit your resume and search for our latest jobs.

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