You are looking for a job but aren’t sure how to write your resume? Look no more, the answers are here!

Resume writing can be a tedious task and everyone has their own opinion on it. You will have many friends and contact that will give you their feedback but are they the right people to review your resume? If they aren’t recruiters themselves, their feedback might not be valuable.

It takes 30 seconds for a recruiter to form a first impression on you and the resume follows that same rule. It is a reflection of yourself, so read it throughly and take the time to ensure all the relevant information is there. Don’t forget the basics, spelling is key! One spelling mistake and your resume will go in the no call back section.

We will review all tips & tools to create a resume that stands out: keywords, style, verbiage etc.

Job Search Strategy: 8 Steps to Making Your Application Stand Out and Get Interviews

 With a little preparation, you can make your job search much more successful. In this video, get tips on: Developing a specific strategy for your job search How to create email job alerts to stay up-to-date in real time Maximize the impact of your cover letter Connect directly to decision-makers and circumvent frustrating dead

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Resume Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A few important Resume Writing Tips: Are you sure your resume will be found and read ? Like many other recruiters, whether in-house or from third-party employment agencies, at ACCUR Recruiting Services we search resumes most of the time through a “Search Engine” (our internal Resume Management System (Also called Applicant Tracking System ATS), CareerBuilder, Monster,

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