CFR Mexico Executive Recruiters

Lycans Group

CFR Mexico / LYCANS Group is a Retained Executive Search, Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant firm, established in México since 2008, focused on providing our clients with integral solutions, to incorporate, develop and retain the best and most competitive executive talent. We work with different domestic companies in searching and recruiting executive talent for their operations in Mexico and abroad; and also provide support to international companies which already have operations in Mexico or in process to start up in the country.

Our main driver is to establish long-term confidence linkages that contribute to comply with the customer’s business-related goals, taking into account our fundamental values such as Empathy, Honesty, Loyalty, Passion, Perseverance and Respect for people and for institutions.

Practice Areas

Administration, financing, legal, sales, customer service, marketing, quality assurance, logistics, operations, manufacturing, production, information technology and human resources, among others

Local Services

  • Executive Search
  • Staffing Services
  • Social Responsibility Consultancy
  • Coaching

Local Practices

  • Agribusiness & Food
  • Aerospace, Automotive and Energy
  • Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Health
  • Real Estate Development
  • Electronic, Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunications
  • Entertainment, Media, Advertising and Public Relations
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Fashion, Consumer Products and Retail
  • Insurance and Financing Services
  • Tourism Services


Mexico Executive Recruiters: Jorge Segovia at Lycans Group

Jorge Segovia

Partner Director


Av. Santa Fe, 94
Piso 8 Col. Zedec. Ed. Plaza Santa Fe
CP 01210 – Mexico, DF

phone + 52 55 9171 1053