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Construction & Infrastructure Recruiting and Executive Search Services

ACCUR provides Construction & Infrastructure Recruiting and Executive Search ServicesMulti-faceted, interwoven, and increasingly global, infrastructure is so interwoven without our daily lives through roads, bridges and cityscapes — not to mention transit routes that comprise shipping, aviation and rail — that sometimes it seems invisible. Behind the scenes, this industry is the backbone of commerce, providing a reliable network of connections that the globally economy cannot exist without.

Executives with specialized skill sets in construction management, urban planning, and infrastructure development are always in demand in this industry.

Construction & Infrastructure at a glance

The construction and infrastructure industry employs executives who oversee everything from finance to engineering, design, construction, project management, and operations.

It requires managers who can bring together stakeholders from different sectors, navigate complex regulatory environments and handle multi-layered financing deals.

Major Industry Concerns for the Construction & Infrastructure

We find the following concerns rising to the top for our construction company clients:

  • Technology: the growth of the use of technology in construction and infrastructure demands more and more specialized skill sets, as well as the ability to manage more skilled workers.
  • Regulation: Global divergence in the regulation of major construction and infrastructure demands executive talent that can fluidly navigate changing requirements across differing construction environments.
  • Management: Balancing the growth of technology and the shrinking availability of public funding for projects, construction industry executives are always looking to be more strategic about streamlining process and especially financing for projects.

How We Serve the Construction & Infrastructure Industries

Our partners at CFR lead the industry in identifying qualified executive talent at all levels for the construction and infrastructure sectors. We follow an extensive 9-step process designed to identify top performers who are well-positioned to drive growth and efficiency in this business environment.