Connecting on Social Media is not an application

If you have already connected with us on Social Media such as Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter for the purpose of looking for a job, it is a great way to stay updated with our job opportunities, job hunting tips and employment market news.

But you have to keep in mind that this won’t make us call you for a job unless you have also sent us your resume or applied to one of our jobs on our Job Board. I see many people connecting with me on these social media tools or social networks asking me to keep them in mind when a good opportunity arise matching their previous experiences and professional skills.

With all the good will in the world, it is not possible to keep everyone in mind, this is why recruitment firms use ATS (Applicants Tracking System) to sort, search and select the best candidates for each job. If you are not is our Applicant Tracking System, you are loosing a lot of chances to be contacted.

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