Luxury retail interview: Questions and Answers

Interviews are two-way conversations and an interviewee who cannot maintain a conversation is one to kick out of the door. With the reduced attention exhibited by the current crop of young talents, they will prefer online or phone interviews. However, as the recruiting manager for a luxury brand, you need to have a wide variety of questions to determine the true character of your interviewee, in addition to their experience summarized in their resume. In this guide, we look at the luxury retail interview questions and the answers you can expect from applicants looking to fill your vacant luxury retail position.

Q: Why do you want to work at our company?

This question determines which of the shortlisted candidates is prepared to work in your luxury retail store. The answer to this question goes deeper than the benefits that come with the position. An applicant serious about getting the job will have done their research to know the type of luxury products and services the company offers.

Q: Why did you leave your last job?

This is a question suitable for applicants with experience in luxury retail. They must not have been dealing with the same luxury products as yours, but they will have had some experience. However, not all applicants will be honest and in the shortlisting process, you need to contact their former employer for reasons why they left. Comparing both answers; you will be in a position to tell an honest applicant from one who is hardly good at their job. The notion is that the former employer is sincere and will not let personal feeling get in the way.

Q: What interests you in luxury retail?

An experienced applicant as well as a beginner can handle this question with ease. Its purpose is to establish whether they are passionate about the luxury retail sector. Some of the applicants will want the perquisites that come with working at a luxury store. Others want to help people in making proper choices especially when it comes to luxury items such as watches, wines, hi-fashion, among other items.

Q: What does great customer service mean to you?

This question separates the prepared applicants from the rest of the crowd. Since customer care is key in luxury retail, it is important that the applicant have knowledge of how to treat a customer to ensure that they make a sale and keep coming back for more. You can ask the interviewee to elaborate how they can handle a difficult customer to see if they have the necessary customer service characteristics to fit into the role.

Q: Why should we hire you?

This is an absolute tough one since most applicants only think about how good they need to sound without giving a thought as to why they ought to be hired. In various instances, applicants freeze or start blubbering incoherent sentences. This question will help you determine who is ready to start working and those shopping around for a lucky break.

These questions will help you in evaluating the character of your interviewees. Depending on the answers they give and the manner in which they give the answers, you will be able to evaluate who is the best applicant to fill the luxury retail position.

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