Nowadays, resumes are read by robots [Le Figaro]

Very interesting article in Le Figaro this morning (in French…) about the new trends in recruiting. (here:

Should we be happy about it? Or afraid?

Apparently Google receives 75,000 new resumes each week. At ACCUR we are not at that level (yet), but still, the amount of resumes we receive, makes it virtually impossible for us to read them all and certainly not each resume in full.

New technologies and internet in particular have made it possible for candidates to mass email their applications everywhere. Recruiters have then become overwhelmed with the number of applicants and had no other choices to organize themselves using ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). Those ATS are more or less sophisticated, but all aim to prioritize or select the best resumes for the recruiters to read. The others will either be ignored or read at the end if the person still has time.

It might be sad, but unfortunately it is a side effect of technologies that recruiters have had to cope with.

A few more details on how to prepare your resumes for ATS have been laid out in 2 of our previous articles: Resume Search Engine Optimization and Boring Resumes Are The Best. Check it out!

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