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As you can see below the demand for Social Media experts is extremely high and growing exponentially. On the other hand true professionals in this industry are rare and difficult to recruit without real experience in the subject. ACCUR Recruiting Services initially fully dedicated to the Luxury and Consumer Products industries opens in 2010 a new recruitment practice on the Social Media booming niche.

As most of you have already noticed, ACCUR has always managed to be a innovative regarding its online marketing and communication strategies. We are very successfully using WordPress blogs, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

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Also ACCUR’s representatives are active members of both Refresh Miami and the South Florida chapter of Social Media Club, the only two social communities of Web 2.0 and Social Medias enthusiasts and professionals in South Florida.
Refresh Miami
Social Media Club South Florida

Social Media and Social Networking have now become a very hot and serious subject. Companies are investing a lot to improve their presence on the web and their Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We can mention for example in our luxury and consumer goods industry the Kiehl’s Gives Back and the Club Swatch. Both these companies have understood the interest of increasing their reach to existing communities on the web whether through their blog, Facebook pages or Twitter accounts.

The issue is that while recruiting such type of expertise, you will very quickly notice there is no academic program, no university and no previous specific background apart from a “field” experience no older than 6 months. In addition true professionals and experts in the field are very rare and almost impossible to recruit without real initial Social Media and Web 2.0 experience.

Thanks to its excellent reputation among very famous clients and its expertise in Social Media, ACCUR is proud to announce its new Social Media Recruiting Practice.  So whether you are looking to launch and maintain a corporate blog, do some buzz on Facebook and Twitter, or launch viral marketing strategies, don’t hesitate to contact us. In a click we can contact thousands of potential candidates in the fields and we have all the experience to select the true professionals among them.

If you are looking to hire Social Media professionals don’t hesitate to contact us here and if you are interested in Social Media career opportunities, you can submit your resume here.

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