Guest speaker at HEC Paris’ Career Fair

HEC Paris - #1 European Business SchoolEdouard Thoumyre, ACCUR’s Founder and alumni of HEC Paris – #1 European Business School is invited on Thursday January 14th, 2010 to be a guest speaker at the yearly HEC career fair (Forum de l’Association).

We will talk about the economical situation and employment market trends in the United States. We will provide insights to job seekers willing to work abroad:

  • Why the United States?
  • How to prepare you career plan?
  • How to start searching for career opportunities?
  • How to contact?
  • How to use Social Media in your job hunting strategy (linkedin)?
  • What are the management cultural differences between the US and Europe?
  • How to assess your strengths?
  • etc…

This year the HEC Career Fair holds many conferences and workshops in English, so that it opens itself even more towards international business. In addition the HEC MBA students and alumni, who are non-French speaking for a vast majority will have the opportunity to be fully involved in every event.

Hopefully this will help keeping on building even more the HEC brand and reputation among American companies.

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