How to find the right candidate?

The current luxury business environment is facing a shortage of worthy candidates to fill the positions left vacant after the retiring or demise of former employees. Candidates prepare award-winning resumes, blow you away at the interview, but when hired, start showing unprofessional behavior such as laziness, lack of motivation, which can trigger a domino effect at the workplace. However, worry not; we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you find the right candidate for your position.

Look beyond the confidence and charisma

Most recruiting managers place confidence and charisma as invaluable qualities in finding the best candidate. However, the most eloquent and confident candidate is not the right candidate for the job because they might be all talk and no substance when it comes to achieving results.

Assess their practical experience

While qualification and experience are the things that you will normally look for in a candidate, the chances are that you will hardly find the perfect candidate. Assessing practical experience is a mammoth task, but to get the right candidate, give them a typical scenario, and see how they handle themselves in both words, and body language. The right candidate is one who will creatively challenge the norm and bring diversity to the position; a yes-person will hardly bring new and fresh ideas to the table, opting to go along with life as they found it.

Look out for a career oriented candidate

The best candidates are those that commit to developing their career and growth as a professional. A checkered work history is a red flag. Ideally, you need an employee who will dedicate their time to learning and growing in their job, as well as one who will be loyal to the company. Hiring a career-oriented candidate is an asset to your luxury brand, and it gives them the opportunity to advance their career.

Test the shortlisted candidates

In the interviewing process, make sure that you include methodologies that will test the analytical and learning capabilities of each candidate. Remember that resumes do not give the whole picture, but what the candidate wants you to see. Testing the eligibility of the candidate gives you an in-depth understanding of the candidate when given a challenge similar to that they might face in the job.

Get team players

99% of job candidates say that they are team players in their resume and interviews to win the interviewing panel. However, you cannot ascertain the truth until you test them out. Undertake a series of interviews and eliminate candidates in each round; when you think you have the right candidates, test them on how well each works in a team. You do not want to hire a person who is self-absorbed and thinks that their creative nature is better than that of the members of the team.

In conclusion, not all your recruitment methods will work for all candidates. Whenever you feel the need to re-evaluate your candidate, do so at your leisure, besides, it is the reputation and growth of your luxury brand that is at stake. The tips above will give you a blueprint to test out your candidates

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