What to look for in a luxury candidate

The luxury sector faces constant changes, and it is one of the most dynamic sectors in the world. However, it presents a problem when it comes to finding the right candidate for your luxury brand. In this guide, we look at what you need to look for in a candidate for your luxury brand.


The luxury sector thrives on the appearance it exudes, and a candidate needs to look the part. A candidate’s appearance will give you an idea if they can represent the brand and fit with the company’s image and values. First, it will show you the candidate who has researched your brand and made an effort to look the part, while a clean conservative look will tell you that they can fit in with your work environment with little adjustment to their appearance.

Industry knowledge

Since trends come and go while others stick around, the candidate needs to know the current industry trends, the timeless trends, and the factors that influence the trends. He or she also needs to know the company history and the niche it holds in the luxury industry.

Communication skills

Communication skills are invaluable in the luxury sector, whether dealing with the client or working with fellow employees. The way the candidate presents himself will tell you who can work well in a team and when with a client. You will be able to ascertain their character by the way they communicate. However, it goes deeper than how they speak, a candidate versed in various languages is the better fit due to the diverse client base in the luxury sector, and it will save you time and money training them in learning various languages.

Good time management skills

Time management and organization skills are invaluable in the luxury sector, especially when dealing with highly demanding clientele. Test the candidate for time management and their organization skills since it will determine whether they can keep up with the high-pressure work environment of the luxury sector in fulfilling orders and keeping the commitment to your customers.


The luxury sector has a diverse client base, and the perfect candidate to fill your position is one with impeccable interpersonal skill as well as confidence. Their personality greatly determines if they can work in the highly stressful situations common in the luxury sector, with an equally demanding clientele.

Selling skills

No matter the positon, always look for a candidate with an above average set of selling skills. They will come in handy when dealing with clients, representing the company in luxury events, or presenting ideas in a department meeting. While selling skills can be taught, it makes better sense to hire the candidate who already has them.

Finally, the luxury sector can be demanding and so the regular hours are not enough to meet the deadlines. A candidate who shows that they can and are willing to go the extra mile to meet customer demands will be invaluable to your luxury brand. These tips will help you identify the best candidate to add to your luxury brand.

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