What to review in a candidate’s resume

When putting together a team to work in the luxury business, or looking for a replacement, certain factors can tell you which candidates to shortlist for an interview, and those to drop. A resume can tell you a lot about a person, and in this guide, we explore the things to look out for in a resume when hiring an employee to fill a position in the luxury sector.

Grammar and spelling

This will separate the serious candidates from the fray. Candidates should take the time to ensure that they have the collect spelling of every word in the resume, as well as use of correct grammar. A candidate with a resume filled with incorrect verb tenses, grammatical and spelling errors shows that they are sloppy and do not take their time and work seriously.

Concise content

Candidates need to show that they can demonstrate their expertise in the industry they have worked in without using too much industry-specific jargon. Look for candidates who can write their past work experience articulately and concisely, this shows that they can handle clients from different backgrounds that do not have any knowledge of the terms used in the luxury sector.


A good measuring stick for longevity is that they have stayed at least two years or more with each employer. Candidates that have been with an employer that long means that they added value, learned new skills, and built longevity and loyalty with the employer, which is important in the luxury sector.

Experience match

Always look for experiences that match your need, but remain open to the level of experience. However, do not ignore outside industry experience. Remember that the experience learned from the industries could come in handy for your luxury brand. If they have the skills to fit into the role, give them a chance.

Look for the story

You will come across resumes that lead like a shopping list with jobs that do not correlate, while others will paint the image of the right candidate for the job. In the luxury sector, you need an employee who can express and present himself or herself. The right candidate will write their resume and connect their past work experience in a way that you can connect the dots easily.


There is considerable time between the time you post a vacancy and the last date of submission, and so it gives candidates enough time to prepare themselves. You will get candidates who send a vague resume, and those who take the time to craft their resumes around the job description and requirements. The resume can give you an idea of the level of professionalism the candidate has to offer.

Finally, there are hundreds of luxury resume templates, and you can tell that it is a template when they pass the resume review, yet fail to convince you that they are the right person for the job. Keep in mind that strong candidates will bring success to your luxury brand.

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