Generation Y’s expectations in the workplace

It might be a tough pill to swallow, but every employer has to be awake to the fact that incorporating different generations into the workforce comes with its challenges. Because of the age difference, the perception and expectations of workers in the various generational groups are usually different. Take the generation Y for instance. Here are some of the expectations they have in the workplace.


In particular, mobile and internet technology. The uptake of internet and smartphones has followed the trajectory that most experts thought it would and Gen Y’s are not being left behind. A lot of traffic at the workplace has been shown to be taken up by smartphones and tablets.

While most employers might see this as a cause for concern, it might turn out to work in their favor. Adapting Gen Y’s to work from home or online is a lot easier because they have grown around this technology. They also tend to be more open-minded. The only problem arises when the use of mobile devices is limited in the office.

Open and cooperative workplace

Because of the way this age group has been trained, they expect their workplace to be more open and cooperative. They have been trained to engage in thought and implementation of ideas which requires cooperation between the related parties. From their relationship with teachers in the classroom, Gen Y workers expect the give and take trend to continue into their workspace.

Flexible job descriptions

Gen Y’s are very entrepreneurial, and with the right measures, employers can harness this energy and get it to work for them. Simple tweaks like flexible work schedules change in style of management, the creation of collaborative teams and focusing on goals are some of the changes that can make Gen Y’s more productive in the workspace.

In some cases, handing them responsibilities and giving them a chance to make something more out of their career and time can also have surprisingly positive results.

Opportunities for advancement

Most Gen Y’s are not content with sitting around waiting for the next appraisal meeting and a promotion in the not so near future. They want to advance their careers and they are willing to put in the work. They take personal, career and professional development very seriously and expect their workplaces to consider the same as well.

Employers looking for passionate and aggressive employees can greatly benefit from the traits and expectations of Gen Y. It is also the right age because it embodies the direction that business is heading to and with their understanding of technology, you can cut down on training without worrying about the decline in quality.

Businesses that are willing to change and adopt more modern and technology-oriented ways of conducting their business will find Gen Y’s to be an indispensable asset to the company and they can even pioneer and steer the business to new heights. With minimal changes to improve their working space and expectation, this generation can do wonders in helping a c business achieve its goals.

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