Recruiting young talents for the luxury sector in NY

New York is one of the fashion capitals in the world, and it is flocking with young luxury retailers, designers and other professionals in the luxury sector. However, as a company looking for young and fresh talent, you need to consider that you cannot simply recruit any young talent from off the street using the trial and error method. In this guide, we look into how you can recruit young talents for the luxury sector in NY.

Use an Executive Recruiter

Thanks to social media, every young talent aspiring for a career in the luxury sector is uploading their designs on Instagram, or Facebook. This has made it easier for the creative scouts to watch out for the best designers. However, the luxury sector needs not only creative personnel to turn profits, and this is where a recruiter becomes valuable.

A recruiter will ensure to look into the various young talents from management trainees, sales, fashion designers, and retail associates after which they will present the crème De la crème to the HR and the board for the final vetting. According to Karen Harvey, you need a recruiter who understands the essence of your brand who can also pinpoint the DNA as well as the codes of your brand.

Hire From Design Schools

Very few designers have a vision for their designs as well as the ability to move other people to execute the vision. Make the recruiting of young talents easier by making a pact with design schools in New York such as Parsons School of Design, New York School of Design, Esaie Couture Design School among others. The faculty can help luxury brands in evaluating the growth and skill of their students, and those that can work well in a team and shows leadership qualities. The design students also are in a position to understand the consumerism of the millennial generation that is driving demand for luxury goods.

Reign in on Social Media and Other Digital Media

At least 90% of the young people are on social media and regularly access websites and blogs on their smartphones. This provides an easier option for reaching out to the young talent that could be essential in the next ten years. Luxury brands can forge partnerships with social media influencers in New York and other online hubs that have already latched on to the potential of digital outlets especially those that cater to creative work. A corporate Twitter account can be the best place to share job openings from your website and ensure that the online recruitment process is executed in the most streamlined manner possible.

While it may seem an easy way to use digital outlets, the millennial generation seeks more than a paycheck. Ensure to create a strategic workforce program that will make your company as attractive as possible. At the same time, you can focus on training the next crop of leaders before the current workforce bows out into retirement.

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