In which universities will you find your talents?

Human resource is a crucial factor in providing quality services and accountability in the luxury sector. To find the right kind of talent, it is imperative to be in the know of some of the best universities with the most rigorous courses for the best-suited graduates. Depending on the kind of talent you want to include in your luxury institution, the university you opt for can be different.

Birmingham City University

BCU offers a Luxury Brand management MA. Graduates or undergraduates taking this course are ideal for luxury brands that are constantly looking at different retail strategies internationally and trying to develop and change their business model to improve sales. The university is constantly improving the modules to make sure that its graduates are well trained and very competitive in a field with cut-throat competition. There are other universities in London that are offering the same course which include Regent’s University and the University of Southampton.

Cornell University (USA)

Over the years, Cornell University has grown a brand by churning out some of the most competitive hoteliers in the luxury industry. The university has been in operations since 1922 and has over the years created a close relationship with world-class hotels like Statler Hotel which is within the campus giving their graduates firsthand accounts of the luxury hotel industry and some precious experience.

Each year, the university takes around 960 undergraduates from over 30 countries in the world, so potential employers need to quickly decide who will be a better fit for their businesses.

GCU London

GCU is the place to go for best of the best in the fashion and luxury industry. The courses offered at the university are fast paced and challenging for the undergraduates and very comprehensive. Some of the courses that the university offers include courses in fashion business creation, global market, fashion and lifestyle marketing, international fashion marketing, luxury brand management and luxury brand marketing.

Each of these courses plays a significant role in providing top quality talent for your luxury fashion brand from designing, management, marketing and even sales.

Harvard School of Business

Established in 1908, Harvard School of Business has been the go-to place for some of the most sophisticated luxury brands looking for the best talent for their business. With an acceptance rate of just 12%, only the best minds get into the university making it an excellent source of the best talent in the luxury sector.

The University offers a wide range of business courses most of which are applicable in the luxury sector with global research centers which ensure that students not only have the theory of making it in business pinned down but also have the practical skills to go along with it. The university is highly ranked and respected, and any luxury brand knows that they can rely on their graduates to propel their businesses to the next level.

One of the ways that luxury brands can build a robust talent pipeline is by keeping tabs on the best universities offering relatable courses and the minds that are in their halls of lecture. These four have built a name for themselves over the years as the best in producing top quality talent that fits perfectly in the luxury business.

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