Recruiting young talents for the luxury sector in Florida

Florida is a vibrant market for luxury brands with celebrities and the recently affluent millennial generation is driving up the demand for luxury items. However, the millennial generation is not conforming to the standards of the older generations, and the results show that the current young talents want to work differently. As HR departments struggle to attract and retain young talent, here are actionable tips you can use in recruiting young talents for the luxury sector in Florida.

Invest in Building up Your Employer Brand

The current crop of young talent will not apply to a company that hardly interests them. Emerging trends in recruiting young talents suggest that luxury brands need to invest in an employer brand. Luxury brands need to communicate to the millennial generation why they are the best company to work for in spite of the other employers. The next step is to find the proper channel to distribute the message and social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are where a majority of the millennial generation spend their time.

Incorporate Flexible Work Schedules

Florida is one of the best destinations in the world, and it is busting with life 24/7. When looking into hiring young talent for your luxury brand in Florida, it is best to forget the age-old 9-to-5 work schedule. Young talents value work-life balance, and it is more crucial that you provide this incentive when recruiting young talents to take over from the older generation. You can encourage them to work from home and come to the office when they need to present their projects or meet a client.

Focus on Recruiting and Training New Leaders

The luxury industry in Florida is crawling with brands trying to make a mark in the highly competitive luxury market. Ensure that you have a competitive edge over other employers in the luxury sector by offering more incentives such as training them to better their skills. You can use executive recruiting firms to find the creative talent you need and have a mentorship program where the senior members train the young talent the tricks of the trade.

You can also forge alliances with design schools such as The Institute of Fashion, The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and the Miami International University of Art & Design among others. This is an easier way of getting closer to pools of fresh and young talent for both the creative and business sides in the luxury sector. Relationships with schools ensure that the luxury firms spot the best talent while providing hands-on training.

The greatest headache after recruiting young talents for your luxury brand in Florida is keeping them motivated to keep working for you. The company that has attractive people-management policies will be the winner in the rush to recruit young talents for the luxury sector in Florida.

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