Recruiting young talents for the luxury sector in California 

California has become one of the most iconic fashion capitals of the world thanks to the many music and film stars residing in the state. The growing numbers of celebrities spend their money on luxurious items and it is the perfect place to set up a luxury brand store. However, like in many other fashion capitals, recruiting and retaining young talents for the luxury sector in California is a major headache. In this guide, we look at the tips applicable when recruiting young talents for the luxury sector in California.

Adaptable Working Schedule

The days are long gone when the brand name was enough to attract young talents fresh from school and subjecting them to long working hours to earn their place in the company. Young talents are now looking for flexible working schedules and this does not to mean that they are not serious about work; on the contrary, they value work, but with fast internet connectivity, they can work from anywhere in the globe. An adaptable working schedule allows them to put in more hours when working from home or outside the office setting and this grows their creativity. The flexibility of the working schedule is an incentive to desire to work for your brand for a long time.

Promise and Deliver Purpose

Various studies show that the millennial generation expects more from a job aside from the thrill of a regular paycheck. Young talents are more interested in jobs that give them a sense of purpose. In a survey by Deloitte, at least 45% of the young talents refuse to undertake assignments that contradict their values. Over 80% of the millennials working in the luxury sector in California go for jobs that contribute to the growth of the company, and self. To attract young talent to your luxury brand, start by giving them a sense of control and purpose by reducing the bureaucracy, which is common among the older employees.

Offer Appealing Perks

Despite the fact that young talent seeks purpose, other perquisites that come with the job matters a lot if they are to consider a long term contract working for your luxury brand. Silicon Valley has set high standards, but you can have a reasonable perquisites package. It helps matters if your organization encourages collaborations since it gives the young talent gives a reason to work for your company. The young talents need to feel like they are part of the family at their workplace and that the older employees are not looking down on them.

Luxury brands that go beyond managing their talents are the winners at recruiting and retaining the best young talents in the luxury sector. Follow this post to stay updated on the changing demographics affecting the millennials employment in the luxury sector in California.

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