How to attract young talents

Your success in the luxury industry is mainly dependent on your ability to put together a workforce that not only understands the essence and fabric of the business but also has the passion and energy to execute your goals and meet the expectations of the clients. It becomes necessary for any establishment in the luxury field to attract young talent since that is where the ideas are, and they have the energy to pursue and bring those ideas to life. But, exactly how do you attract that young talent?

Get in early

In most cases, competition for top talent becomes exceptionally competitive after graduation. One easy way of attracting such talent is by approaching them earlier in the training phase and giving them opportunities at your establishment like apprenticeship and internship. It gets the candidates excited about working for you before they even graduate.

This also helps you to narrow down your options to the right candidates, and you also get a head start in fine-tuning them to work in the luxury industry.

Turn to digital hiring processes

Interview lines are growing shorter with each application. If you want to attract young talent, you have to approach them in the comfort of their confines, and that happens to be online. Most millennials now look for work on online job platforms and use digital tools to find employment opportunities. You have to deploy the same tactics to connect with them and improve the recruiting experience.

Adopt transparency

You might be surprised to know that most graduates would prefer to work for a smaller institution. Even though the belief that smaller organizations will help them advance quickly and that they offer a more creative work culture might be misguided, it is what they believe. If you want to attract young talent, you might want to buy into that belief and sell it back to them.

Providing rapid and real-time review feedback that is more transparent and implementing flexible working hours, even larger companies can become quite attractive for the aggressive young talent that is looking to blast through the ranks and make the most out of their careers.

Fun work culture

Even while working, young people want to have fun. Having a place that has a positive social atmosphere will go a long way in helping you become more attractive to young talent. Some are even willing to work for less if they are having fun in their work and if their employer is continuously presenting them with interesting challenges with plenty of learning opportunities.

Whether you have a big or small luxury brand, it is undisputed that you will need to have time on your side and get in touch with potential young talent as early as possible. You might also want to package your establishment and the working experience with more fun and exciting challenges that make it easier for the target workforce to work with you. Lastly, if you want to get young talent, you have to go where that young talent is and, that is online.

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