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Job Category: Accounting

All our available Accounting jobs for the luxury goods, consumer goods, retail and many other industries.

Closed Jobs
Traveling: negligible |
Languages: English only |
Salary: $70k in annual base salary |
Ref: JO-2008-809
USA, Fort Lauderdale / West Palm Beach, Miami, Florida
Traveling: negligible |
Languages: English (but Fluency in German, Dutch or French would be preferred) |
Salary: $65k to $85k |
Ref: JO-2006-798
USA, Florida, Sarasota
Traveling: none |
Languages: English only |
Salary: $100k base salary |
Ref: JO-2002-788
USA, Fort Lauderdale / West Palm Beach
Languages: Spanish would be preferred |
Salary: $60k to $75k base depending on experience |
Ref: JO-1705-508
USA, Fort Lauderdale / West Palm Beach, Florida
Languages: French would be ideal! |
Salary: 80k to $90k base |
Ref: JO-1504-295
USA, New York City area